Permalinks keep changing and Super Admin privileges issue

I keep running every other day into an issue that returns 404’s across my site, it’s always an easy fix with me just going to Permalinks and setting it back to custom but there can be hours of visitors seeing those 404s before I find out about this. So somewhere in my set up I must have effed up is what am guessing. I am thinking it might be due to me setting it initially to /%postname%/ which is basically an old habit that is probably outdated since there is a “post name” option now… Any idea what I can do here to get rid of this 404 issue?

Also I have a very similar issue with my super admin Privileges to this post: maybe it’s related? I basically can’t edit people or approve pending ones or even resend activation mails, it’s telling me I don’t have the proper privileges.


Toni :slight_smile: