Permalinks multisite different languages

So I have different sites based on languages and for each a separate domain. I started out using translatepress. So for example using Swedish, English, Spanish and perhaps English as default. I translate and clone each to another domain/language. Then using translatepress I can choose which of the languages to show visitors and hide the others.

The problem is I cannot change permalinks to a new language. Tags from "motiv" to "Tema" or "product/" to "producto/". And so on. Not sure when this started because I am sure it was working in the beginning but not sure.

I've tried to see if I can change permalinks name in mysql but cannot find anything to work on.

I've read about different solutions, clean up, reset, check plugins, warning when moving site et cetera. But cannot find anything helping for multisites.

So I want to change permalinks in but I'm stuck.

Solution? Or worst case if I can use same permalinks for all sites. For SEO of course I'd want it in correct language.