Permalinks need to be resaved each time a change is made to site

Hey there guys~
I am at the point of desperation here. Here is the latest, and hope you can help me from drowning:
Immediately needing to be fixed: each time a change is made on my site, permalinks need to be resaved because the "Our Blog" tab in the menu breaks and returns the following error (see image). Why is this happening? How can I fix it?

Also after 6 months of continued problems getting things rolling, I decided to scale waaaay back and eliminate Marketpress and Supporter....just too many problems.
I thought I would simplify everything, even change my beloved network child theme, as I found that google crawlers hated most everything about it.

So, I am going with studio child (much more SE friendly)....although all of the setting options are very confusing and so far, it's been difficult to set-up. Currently, the widgets will not work at all in the "blog sidebar". How can this be fixed?
I am also giving Membership and Classifieds a try. In memberships quick start guide, for 2. (create your categories): is this for creating regular categories or categories named "free" "premium", etc
For 3. (create some shortcodes) I just don't understand this. I get what a shortcode is, but I just don't understand these instructions. I have determined my membership levels, I have determined the pages and posts I want restricted.
For 10. (setup payment gateways). Can there be more than 1? For example, my membership levels will be Free, Premium, and would I select both free and paypal here?

(tutuology dot com)