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Okay, I have membership, affiliate, and Q&A installed on my One theme at the main domain and one theme in a subdirectory. I have my permalinks set as day and name. My question is, should I change to post name and if I do, what do I have to watch out for?
My only thought about changing it is, what if I change the date posted to change the order it's displayed (as a sorting workaround)? If I have the permalink set as day and post, it will have a url with a date that's no longer in effect. I guess that wouldn't matter. But can anyone give me their thoughts on this subject?

  • william_bronson
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    do you think the category post option would mess anything up with my plugins?
    I have membership, affiliate, and Q&A from wpmu dev
    and I have the wordpress seo from Joost De Valk and w3 Cache

    I could do a redirect in htaccess once I change it. I think that's what recommends.

  • maiki
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    @william_bronson, here are two suggestions to your question, which is more one of content strategy.

    First, use your categories cleverly to always point to yer latest content. At the top or in a sidebar have a prominent link to the category, maybe a custom note that says the content is dated. Fancy! But it sounds like a lot of work.

    My second suggestion is what you've already acknowledged, the content is "timeless". The Post is for dated content, it gives historical context. That is why permalinks are so useful, it provides human-readable context right there in the address. On the other hand, Pages are for content without a primary temporal importance. We use them for things like about pages, but it is static info, and they get updated all the time. So go for those, they let you choose shorter URLs as well.

    So, how do you notify folks of new tutorials and updated content? Posts! It gives you a chance to explain what has changed, it creates more content, and if you are good, it will provide value to your community. It may take some site tweaking to look the way you want it, but a solid content strategy now will save you loads later. ^_^

  • Patrick
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    The content strategy suggested by @maiki is an excellent idea for your use-case. Tutorials and Advice content presented on pages (no dates associated, create any page hierarchy you need), with notifications of updates/changes to that content via dated posts.

    So, how do you notify folks of new tutorials and updated content? Posts! It gives you a chance to explain what has changed, it creates more content, and if you are good, it will provide value to your community.

    More cookies to you @maiki :slight_smile:

  • william_bronson
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    yes that would normally be a good option for me. However, my theme is a video server like youtube, and displays dynamically based on category or tag. So the pages are just holders for the actual tutorials and video posts.
    I changed to the category postname permalink and followed the redirect in htaccess method explained by Yoast. I think everything works fine and my site is young enough that I caught it early, instead of having a huge problem on my hands later.
    Thank you all for your help on this.

  • maiki
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    @william_bronson I am glad you found what works for you.

    I wanted to add something, based on what you said in the last post. I obviously don't know your setup, so I may be misunderstanding, but I wanted to point out that what shows up on a page of dynamic content (such as a category or tag page) is not determined by the permalink pattern. They are completely separate.

    Of course permalinks can make it easy to figure out what those category pages are. If your video is at example.tld/cooking/awesome-sauce, I might just go to example.tld/cooking to find more videos. I am not sure how many people do that, but it is a pretty neat flow for the site.

    That example works if you have content that will go into only one category, and it won't change. I've personally never had that last for long. Over time, taxonomies need to be refreshed, and having the category in the permalink is an obstacle you will have to figure out if (when, in my case) that happens.

    So I defer to my earlier post, keep "static" content pages with simple addresses (like example.tld/cooking), use generic patterns for semantically unchanging content (tutorials are always going to be tutorials, because if they weren't, they would be something else; example.tld/tutorials/awesome-sauce), and post updates using time-based patterns (example.tld/2012/10/add-spice-to-your-awesome-sauce).

    Okay, I will stop bugging you about this. You will know what works for your site best. ^_^

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