Permanent Fix for MarketPress Updates with Ultimatum Theme

I am begging please for WPMU to consider the below fix for New MarketPress Updates so that compatibility issues with Ultimatum Theme Framework will be resolved for all Ultimatum & MarketPress Users going forward. Every new MarketPress Update results in the errors/issues as sited in the reference posts below which may be resolved with necessary scripts/hooks being updated/included in the “marketpress.php” or related “Calls” to this file.
I can only assume this of course, as the only fix for these errors so far is to replace the “marketpress.php” file with an older “marketpress.php” file that was in some way edited and submitted to WPMU by Onur Demir - Lead Developer at Ultimatum and an elite Member of WPMU.
I expect that this file-replacement fix may not hold or be practical for future and continuing Marketpress Development Updates to this file or otherwise.
I am pleading for the possible assistance of WPMU to consider including the relevant fixes/scripts/hooks to have this compatibility issue go away once and for all. I also believe that Onur at Ultimatum will be very willing to assist in anyway possible to have the problem resolved.
Looking forward to your usual helpful response and support, the relevant info/fixes can be found as follows:

BLOG POST SUBJECT: MarketPress product pages showing errors on Ultimatum Theme

AND Relevant code fix information here:

BLOG POST SUBJECT: Re: WPMU MarketPress Product Page errors EDITED FILE FIX for Ultimatum Theme needed.