Permanently display the time slots


I wondered if it was possible to have the time slots display permanently rather than only once a day has been selected. Currently, we have a calendar where only one day is ever available. So there is only ever one option for the user to select.

Is this at all possible with this plugin?

Many thanks.

  • Panos


    Hope you are doing well :slight_smile:

    Currently, we have a calendar where only one day is ever available. So there is only ever one option for the user to select.

    Well there shouldn't be one option, let me explain:

    The way services are used/booked in this plugin requires a whole date, not only the name of the day. The word Monday for example is not good enough, it should provide month, year and day. So for this is required to have a calendar which can be used to select the exact Monday you need.

    Hope I provided a good explanation, if I wasn't clear or confused you please let me know :slight_smile:

    However, in case you need to display for example all Mondays only per month you can use this plugin :

    The above plugin should be used alongside Appointments+. It offers the following shortcode:
    [app_daily_timeslots day="friday"]
    You can replace day with any day of the week, default is "monday".

    It should be better used with other A+ shortcodes so there are options to choose service provider, service or change month. You can try adding the following (at the text tab of your WP editor):

    <td colspan="2">[app_singleday_cal day="friday"]</td>
    <td colspan="2">[app_pagination month="1"]</td>
    <td colspan="2">[app_login login_text="Please click here to login:"]</td>
    <td colspan="2">[app_confirmation]</td>
    <td colspan="2">[app_paypal]</td>

    Hope this helps :slight_smile:

    Kind regards,

  • Nathan

    Thanks for your reply - and all makes perfect sense. As the client wishes only one specific Monday to be used i.e Monday 27th June 2016? but only that one Monday - no other Monday?

    I've tweaked the settings so that all days by default are unavailable and in the exceptional working hours - listed the specific one day that is available - with the time slots.

    I appreciate this is a someone convoluted way to come to a solution.

    If you could let me know if there is any way this could be done.

    Thanks again as always.

  • Panos

    Hi Nathan,

    Of what I understand you simply need a timetable for a specific date, right?

    If that's the case I wrote a new plugin for this which I have attached here.

    Similarly with the previous one, it provides a shortcode:
    [app_singledate_cal date="16-09-2016"]

    Instead of "day" it uses "date" attribute and it should have a specific format "dd-mm-YYYY". With other date formats it is most likely to cause errors.

    This shortcode should also be combined with other Apps+ shortcodes as mentioned in my previous reply.

    Please let me know if this provides what you need or if you need further explanation/assistance :slight_smile:


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