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I remember reading somewhere that the Membership plugin would protect your content, but not let you protect the register page, because that would effectively render everything pointless. You should also make it so you can't protect the "Protected Content" page. I am ashamed to admit it but I just spent 40 minutestrying to figure out why I got a 404 error when it should have said no permission.


  • Jonathan
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    I'm just a membership plugin user like yourself and this is what I would recommend to get you started in sorting the issue out.
    Would recommend you start by reading these two tutorials, they cover a pretty standard setup and open the mind to new ways of implementation.

    Now for your issue at hand :wink:
    Firstly, the wordpress registration process should be deactivated in wordpress settings
    Allow new registrations [tick]Registration is disabled.
    This disables wordpress registrations.

    The membership plugin creates it's own registration process. :wink:

    All your membership plugin settings are found in the membership tab ->edit options

    Here you can select your registration / account / protect pages - don't forget to add the shortcode to those pages :wink:

    But first the 404 issue - scroll down till the Protected content page section
    Select your protected content page from the drop down box.
    And to handle 404 errors select YES in the Override 404 with protected content page.

    The reason wordpress issues a 404, is because the page doesn't exist to wordpress, so in actual fact, it is the right thing to do. But, not so user friendly for members.
    I'm not sure how the 404 redirect protected page system works (I created my own divert system) but I think by selecting protected page - all content, even real 404's are redirected there. <-- I'm sure support will shed some light here.

    You could just create a 404 page template that is 404.php and drop that in your theme folder with no access stuff written in there? But that might be overkill for you, for me I'm more that way inclined :wink:

    Off hand here is another 404 discussion,


  • beturgo
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    Jonathan it appears I did not clearly articulate what I was attempting to say.

    Membership is set so that you cannot protect the registration page, doing so would have obvious problems like people being told they need to register when they try to register.

    However you can protect the no access page. Which makes it so that if you go to a page that should be protected the system will eventually come up with a 404 error.

    The plugin should not allow you to protect that page.

  • DavidM
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    Hi beturgo,

    That's correct, you currently can select from that Page in the Page rule and get a 404 in response. I'll mention this to the developers, though they may already have taken that into account in working on the latest test versions.

    Thanks for mentioning it.

    And thanks for helping out there Jonathan, that was some serious detail! :slight_smile:


  • Jonathan
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    Oh, I see what you're saying :wink:
    Sorry I missed that vital point - That's something I didn't even pick up as I don't really use the built in rules section (created my own custom system) BUT I see DavidM responded and said that he would mention it to the developers.

    Just a heads up - I do know that the version in development has some big changes with registration (multiple subscriptions can be purchased) meaning users can now have concurrent subscriptions and private (private subscriptions) so looking forward to that.
    It will make use of multiple subscription sign-up forms which is mentioned here:


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