Petition Plugin code change - post submission message positioning

Hey there,

How are you? I'd like some help with the coding on a particular petition plugin. I've tried surfing their support forum and have submitted a ticket there, but I know the WPMU guys are fantastic and very responsive so I've reaching out to you.

With this application, once you've submitted the details for the petition, a 'success message' appears which you can tailor. The problem however is that it appears right at the top off the page, not at the bottom. So once people have hit submit, it kind of leaves them there not knowing what is going on, it doesn't help ease the flow of direction for that person.

How can I get the 'success message' to appear at the bottom beneath the button?

Coding is not my territory but I have been able to make some tweaks in the past to basic stuff. I've spent about 2 hours looking into this... but not quite found the solution...

The form structure can be found in this file of the pluigin:

The coding for the 'success message' is in this one:

Please can you help?

Thank you for your help!!!