PhotoBizCart! A New Plugin Available for Selling Photos and other misc products.

I'd like to introduce a Plugin that I've been wanting to happen for over a year.


I Tried to make several others work and found many great ones, the best of which was MarketPress. All were geared more for general product sales etc...

Being a photographer I needed a plugin that would offer bulk upload of photos, into groups or categories, set up separate price lists, For example Wedding, Portrait, Candid, Scenic, Fine art etc... No limits on how many price lists you have. Also each list has the ability to sell digital downloads of various sizes AND still be able to sell physical Portrait Prints.

I teamed up with wp-Bizcart and we got it done. A premium, Fantastic, Outstanding Plugin that does everything a photographer needs, Amateur or Professional, Hobbyiest... If you have photos you'd like to sell, Then this is the plugin for you

Aptly named PhotoBizCart!

it is available for a limited introductory Price of $49 for WPMU DeV members only, or you can refer your friends or special clients as well. The normal price is $59

This special will run through the end of October, so at the Witching hour of midnight on Halloween the price will go back up to $59.

I had originally planned to offer this plugin for free but what I wanted to do was way over my head and I was able to hire wp-bizcart to customize it. Well the bill kept growing and so in order to pay off my bill we need to sell as many copies as possible.

I now there were several members here that had some need for this type of plugin as well.

You can purchase and check it out at (thanks to @aecnu for helping me get my hosting sites up and running)

Thanks @james and @mason as well for your supporting me in my first ever Plugin endeavor. I want to thank in advance everyone who takes advantage of this introductory offer and especially supporting me.

Sincerely, Dean Kaus

  • Dean Kaus

    Thanks @successfulgeek Really hope to get some great response here as I've just learned a few days ago that I lost my sports contract. So pretty well totally unemployed. Now that I've got this project completed, thoroughly tested and ready for sale you should see me on the forum here a bit more.

    Have a heart test in the morning and hopefully that will go much better than the last time.

    Looking forward to being more active here again. (of course if I had the steady paycheck that would really reduce the stress levels)

    I see your points are still moving up! Great to see that happening.

    Don't forget to give some when they are well deserved.

  • Dean Kaus

    Sorry I promised to flag a few members when I got this completed. So @camparoo this turned out way better then we had originally talked about. @mtb1707 thanks for your support and keeping me motivated. @aecnu Thanks for your support in not letting me quit and your "Quitting is NOT an option" That meant so much to me and I appreciate @patrick last minute help last night while I was in panic mode.

  • Dean Kaus

    @Patrick @Timothy @hpidriver and @tom Thanks for your support and comments especially @Patrick for pointing out the obvious. I didn't create a demo! How stupid was that. Going to download a trial version of Camtasia, learn how to do that and then create a demo video.

    I've been so excited about this and the fact that I don't have to pay another online company 18-25% anymore to post my photos, offer downloads, take a good chunk of my profits and then send me an email with the order that I still have to fulfill. Unless I use their printer which then charges me another percentage plus printing and shipping fee's.... Anyway this is a great way for photographers and resellers of other digital and physical products to keep all of their profits.

    So I've been busy trying to figure out which of my past clients I can move over to my site and sell some photos. Also need to sell the PhotoBizCart plugin so I can pay the bills.

    Promise I will work into the wee hours of the morning to get a demo up soon. I did just add a section of the newly added features on the website.

    Thanks Again everyone for your words of encouragement and help along the way.

  • Dean Kaus

    Thanks @MTB1701 appreciate it. Had a follow up Echo test and apparently not too bad however the stress level is way too high. I ended up losing all of my sports contracts as the schools feel that the teachers can do it for half price. So I think I'm going to offer to take the teachers jobs at half price (which is well more than I was making plus great benefits) and then I can get my video job back as a teacher! LOL

    Anyway you can see a sample of the galleries and the products page at

    What it looks like I'll be doing for a demo is more of a video walk through. Since I don't actually own the plugin I can't have a working demo. But I'll have as much info and will be adding more as time goes on.

    I worked with the programmer/owner to get this original plugin (wp-bizcart) modified more towards photographers. Amateur, Hobbyist's and Professional's alike.

    This is a full Blown Photographers e-commerce site as well as a product site.

    It's really cool, It's set up so you can have several price lists with different options, so for a sports event you may want to have digital Download as well as, physical prints, ,buttons, photo t-shirts, trading cards etc...
    Then have another price list for Model's z-cards, 8x10 head shots, digital downloads etc... Each price list can have it's own products and different prices etc...

    Really cool stuff. One of the best features is that after you set up your price lists and then want upload photos from an event. (doesn't matter how many you have) set up the customer or gallery name, select the price list, then manage that gallery, select all of the photos (even from different folders or drives on your computer) and then upload them all at once. No need to upload one at a time.

    you can even feature one of your products on a blog or highlight page and embed the item with a buy now button within the story!

    So many cool features, one of the other things I love is that when you view a larger view of each photo, it has a water mark of the domain name over the photo so if someone try's to steal the photo it's ends up being advertising!

    Anyway getting excited as I'm using it now on my website and am already seeing some results with purchases. Best part is I only pay PayPals 3% fee vs the 18% I was paying on other sites to sell my photos for me.

    This is going to be great for people who want to sell their own stock photos as well

    Anyway I gotta get some sleep, finish the instructions and start the demo part tomorrow.

    Thanks again for your prayers and thoughts.

  • Dean Kaus

    Hello @Pali Baacsi Appreciate it. Let me know if I can be of any assistance in preparing your presentation.

    Later next week I plan to have a GoTo Meeting with a few other corporate clients who want to see it in action as well as be able to ask some questions. they have 4 different offices so this seemed to be the best way to get everyone on together.

    In the future I hope to have some classes to teach how to take better photos, make money with those photos as well as using imagery for marketing.

    Keep in touch and if you have any questions reply here or if your in your meeting and need a quick answer you can email me at kausphoto (at) gmail (dot) com
    replace the obvious. I get notified pretty quickly to my phone when I get an email and can reply quickly.

    Thanks! Good luck with your meeting.

  • Dean Kaus

    @Sean Johnson Sorry it took so long to respond. it took me a while to get an answer. From what I understand that currently there isn't a developer license available, however I will be getting a discounted pricing for a 5 license pack. Hope tp have that price available in the next couple of days.

    Multi-site I was told that the current version should be multisite capable however future versions may not be as we hope to add a few additional features that may prevent this from working in the multisite environment.

    Hope this helps.

    I hope to have updated instructions for all of the new Photographers Features as well as a few demo videos posted in the next couple of days.

    Thanks for your interest.

  • Dean Kaus

    Thanks @supergoyong and @Ashley Keable

    I've attached a screenshot of the workflow of this great customized Plugin.

    You can also view a larger PDF version at

    Also Great News! All WPMU DEV Members (i believe friends as well since I have no way of checking) will receive an additional $10 off if purchased by October 31st, 2012! (so a total of $20 savings for members! Normal price $59)

    Use Coupon Code on Checkout wpmudev-10

    @Mason not sure how to let this special be known to all members.


    I'll also in addition to free email support be offering a free Half hour goto meeting support for all members who purchase before October 31st. This session can be from anything from me helping you get set up, to teaching you how to take better photos.

  • Dean Kaus

    First of all let me say how embarrassed I am over this Photobizcart Plugin.

    I had spent a lot of time and money to promote and get this plugin customized for photographers, artists, musicians.

    I was just contacted apparently by the real owner (I don't know who to trust anymore) and was told that it was reported that I totally plagiarized his product and website. As well as faced legal action.

    I take great offense to these allegations, which had to have come from a member of this forum. Which offends me even more! The reason I know that it had to have come from one of the members here is that this is THE ONLY place I made such postings about the plugin.

    My main problem is that I thought that members here are supposed to help out one another. I would have appreciated whoever turned me in to the owner would have at least first checked with me publicly or in person.

    In fact I sae a possible copyright infraction in a post by another member. Did I call and report him to the copyright owner? No Did I report him to @james or @ Mason or anyone else here? No I simply explained that he needed to make sure he either removed the photo or got permission to use it.

    So who ever this person who did this first of all didn't know all of the facts in that

    A) I had permission from the person who i thought was either the owner or one of the partners.

    B) I received permission to use the relative content from the WP website In writing. So I was not plagiarizing!

    C) by their actions now has caused a rift between partners, one person was helping me and not charging me nearly what it would have cost in exchange for me marketing the product in lieu of having to make payments.

    D) Who ever reported this has also cost me out of my pocket well over $300 which I definitely couldn't afford to lose at this time in my life, since I'm pretty well unemployed and have no potential of any real income in the near future. Also only have 2 months worth of savings left to live on....

    E) the stress of being sued sent me to the hospital as my heart went into fibrillation or whatever the called it. Any way the drugs were good. but now I'll have yet another bill to pay that I can't afford and a possible need for a pacemaker.

    I had received permission from who I thought was the owner of the plugin and even had questioned them in the beginning about their ability to sell the plugin as I thought it was actually open source. I was assured that open source applied to certain portions but not to customized portions of a plugin.

    So again very disappointed with who ever caused me all of this pain, loss of money and aggravation. I hope that that person can sleep well....

    Just my 2 cents, but I'll have to owe on that as well.

  • Mark Wallace

    @Dean Kaus

    Man! Sorry to hear about this. Did you save the emails and other communications from the person you thought was the "Owner"? If he/she/they deceived you, and charged you for the alterations, then you have a strong defense. You could also go after he/she/them for any loss and damages you suffered. More than likely you could get a law firm to represent you on both cases, and take payment after the lawsuit against the fraudster is won.

    As far as a member turning you in 2 things.

    1. i just had a few of my threads from here and other places on the web used against me in a hearing for city permits; no one turned them in, but the city attorney did some web searching on me, and only grabbed threads that made me look undesirable.

    2. If someone did turn you in it will come out during any legal proceedings by requesting a "Case Mit" that is case admittance. It will have everything ever recorded about the case.

    I though someone turned in evidence against me too, but it was just the fact i had not realized how popular "well Unpopular" i have become in many places around the world. it is crazy how easily information is gathered via the web, i made a reference to the 911 attacks leading to some of the "darkest days in america" to one of my Malaysia friends and was accused of being Anti American at my hearing.

    Anyway if you need some free advice you can email, will help however i can, including referring you to a AWESOME!!! law firm. << They handled the tobacco industry lawsuits. :slight_smile:

  • maxaud

    @Dean Kaus

    Why not port your changes over to Marketpress or some other ecommerce plugins and benefit from a shopping cart provider that'll appreciate a unique concept and niche add-on built atop their system?

    Another idea would be to start a multisite/prosites that allows photographers to sign up for stores on your site and to sell their photos there. Get a monthly fee and build a community.

  • Dean Kaus

    @maxaud I had thought about trying to customize MarpetPress myself but my programming skills aren't what they need to be to tackle that. I had put in feature requests but apparently there wasn't enough interest, even though at the time there were a few other members who wanted to be able to post photos as well as have a photo contest type of thing. Then If I do write some customization chances are they would not work when new versions came out.

    So well over a year ago I could see where my business was slowing down and I couldn't compete with the bottom feeders (someone who just bought a camera and Hey! I 'm a photographer mind set) I was paying well over 18% to a company who then wrote the software for the color labs and charged them 33% to use their software to automate the printing of my orders which they just made 18% profit. Then add in all of their sales and everyone but me was making money.

    So I purchased Photocrati Theme which is great and I highly recommend them for photographers who sell without a lot of options as their built in e-commerce is pretty good but limited. So Photocrati recommended MarketPress which is how I became a member here.

    So 6 or 7 months ago (I'm losing track of time as well as my mind) I started using MarketPress, which is a really great plugin. (a little funky with the majority of the themes out there) and I really needed a lot of help out of the box didn't work as needed.

    For my photography business if I post a wedding with 300 photos and have to edit the price, description etc... one at a time well that isn't going to work either.

    So when I found wp-bizcart it had some features I liked and played nice with the majority of the themes I used but was limited in the photo area. I saw potential and contacted who I thought was the owner of the plugin (turns out to be a partner at best). Anyway I mentioned my needs he made a few changes for free but I needed a bit more than i could afford to pay. So we worked out (or so I thought) a deal where I would market the program to pay for the customizations and then eventually would actually be able possibly make a little extra cash as well.

    I was taking @camparoo s advice (not sure if she is still a member or not) that if you can't beat them, teach them. So I decided to start a site to teach people how to take better photos and make money online as well.

    Ironically I came up with the name Photo Biz Cart in the late 80s. before digital photography, I actually had a cart with a light, camera pad and pen to take peoples names and information, and would push my cart through the park and offer to take family portraits on the spot. This got me some wedding business as well. When the .com started I couldn't afford (or at least didn't envision the internet to be a good investment at the time) I was the only one of my friends who had a Bag Phone (even had an Afro to go with the beard.) LOL

    So this was kind of a kick in the A$$ when this guy tells me I can't use a name that I created probably before he was born.

    I've since talked with the supposed owner and he is going to have everything fixed properly (after a few of my requests were added something else broke) and will within 2-3 weeks have a properly working Version of PhotoBiz Cart. I will be an affiliate now and not selling to pay off a bill (I believe that the reason for that is so I don't have any ownership) but also don't have to provide support as they will do that.

    So to add to all of that stress (and now wondering who can I trust anymore) is that by the time this gets fixed all of my fall business will be over and I don't get Holiday business as the malls and big box stores sell photos at less than what it cost me to produce them (lost leader to get people into the malls and stores) So the little guy just can't get a break here.

    I'd really like to talk to the person here who reported me to this guy and didn't have the (insert whatever you like here) to approach me first. I was threatened (ironically not by the owner bet apparently from the person who reported me to the owner) that I was a thief, a plagiarist, and I would be reported to google for all of my business's as an unethical businessman and should be black balled!

    Ironically the ONLY place I mentioned about this plugin and my project was on this site. Even my wife didn't have a clue what I'm working on. This upsets me greatly as I love this community and the many members here who are ethical and very helpful people.

    So I'm really hoping that this person whoever they are would stop trying to tarnish my reputation and if they have a problem with me personally or whatever is bugging them would man or woman up and contact me and straighten this all out.

    Sorry for being long winded and getting a bit off track.

  • Dean Kaus

    Wanted to give everyone an update. There were a few bugs and features that weren't completed as I had requested. I did talk to the actual owner and we were able to come to an amicable agreement to get this plugin working as I had promised to many photographers as well as members here.

    The fix's are on Schedule to be completed by November 20th at which time I'll be offering as an affiliate. This plugin. So the main difference in the entire program is I was led to believe that I was paying for a customized version of the plugin that I could sell myself until I had paid off the customization fees.

    After much discussion I will not be selling this plugin myself as it was explained that the owner has a team of programmers and staff that will not only sell but will handle the customer support as well.

    This will allow me to concentrate on selling my hosting services as well as photography, video and consulting services. I hope to establish enough interest to start having online classes Late December or early next year.

    Thanks everyone for all of your confidence and support here and I will confirm and provide my affiliate link as soon as everything is completed.

    The cost will be the same if you purchase from my affiliate link or directly from the company, however it will greatly help me out if you use my affiliate link since promoting this new plugin will be a part time job for me.

    Thanks Again and I'm really looking forward to getting the final version on the 20th. Day before my birthday!

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