PhotoBizCart! A New Plugin Available for Selling Photos and other misc products.

I’d like to introduce a Plugin that I’ve been wanting to happen for over a year.


I Tried to make several others work and found many great ones, the best of which was MarketPress. All were geared more for general product sales etc…

Being a photographer I needed a plugin that would offer bulk upload of photos, into groups or categories, set up separate price lists, For example Wedding, Portrait, Candid, Scenic, Fine art etc… No limits on how many price lists you have. Also each list has the ability to sell digital downloads of various sizes AND still be able to sell physical Portrait Prints.

I teamed up with wp-Bizcart and we got it done. A premium, Fantastic, Outstanding Plugin that does everything a photographer needs, Amateur or Professional, Hobbyiest… If you have photos you’d like to sell, Then this is the plugin for you

Aptly named PhotoBizCart!

it is available for a limited introductory Price of $49 for WPMU DeV members only, or you can refer your friends or special clients as well. The normal price is $59

This special will run through the end of October, so at the Witching hour of midnight on Halloween the price will go back up to $59.

I had originally planned to offer this plugin for free but what I wanted to do was way over my head and I was able to hire wp-bizcart to customize it. Well the bill kept growing and so in order to pay off my bill we need to sell as many copies as possible.

I now there were several members here that had some need for this type of plugin as well.

You can purchase and check it out at (thanks to @aecnu for helping me get my hosting sites up and running)

Thanks @james and @mason as well for your supporting me in my first ever Plugin endeavor. I want to thank in advance everyone who takes advantage of this introductory offer and especially supporting me.

Sincerely, Dean Kaus