PHP 7 Preparation - What is involved?

Dear Support,

I recently became aware of an issue with the Cloner plugin that was resolved by winding back the PHP version from 5.5 to 5.4. This came as a bit of a surprise and got me thinking/concerning over what preparations I need to start to consider with the introduction of PHP7 later this year.

I appreciate you guys are all probably all over it like a bad rash. But as a business who relies on the quality of the code you produce - and the seamless integration of that code into the development, testing and live environments (local and server) - I don't want to be bowled out by a 5 year old with an orange.

I'd rather be toasting the successful integration of PHP7 (including the superior speeds being talked about) with champagne and orange juice - but I'm going to need some guidance and support from Team WPMUDEV for that.

So over to you.

All good wishes.
Will Power

PS - this question has been raised under the WPMUDEV Dashboard as it is the best representation of the question I am asking.