php coding issue in linking a new widget area to a new page template


I am working with a custom WP theme ( and need to connect a new widget area to a new page template I've created. Everything seems to be working fine, except that the default widgets remain on the new page, even while the new template recognizes my new widget.

Communication with the theme author has been spotty and has not resulted in a solution. I'm hoping you folks, "The WordPress Experts", can help me solve this problem.

Here's the steps I've taken (w associated screen caps):

1) Added code to the functions.php file (attached image: BrokerSidebarIssue_FunctionsPHP_011112.png)

2) Created a new template file (attached: BrokerSidebarIssue_BrokerPageTemplatePHP_011112.png)

3) Added code to the Sidebar.php file (attached image: BrokerSidebarIssue_SidebarPHP_011112.png)

It seems I'm only missing a small bit of code somewhere that would cause the default widgets to not appear on the new page template, but have been unable to solve this over a matter of many days. Any assistance you might be able to provide would be much appreciated and worth the cost of my membership :wink:

Many thanks