PHP, CSS and HTML5 training for the uninitiated.

Hi everyone.

I find that most of my live support chats have to do with CSS tweaks, or figuring out how to create magical custom code in a php file.

i also see that to get more points on the forum, there’s the future training programme in the offing?

1 – i’d like to get started on something, but i’m really not worthy of tying a coder’s shoelaces… so it has to be at the very, very beginning. does anybody have links to videos that rock, ( seems to go slowly, and tie in the html5 and css as he goes which makes it much easier than just giving me a dictionary of terminology and hoping for the best? – do you have other favourites that work on the same kind of principle?)

2 – will the training on wmpmudev be a free initiative? and if it’s still in dev. at the moment… can it please be in recorded webinar format or video, rather than documentation? i’m a watcher, not a reader. :slight_smile:

i look forward to hearing back from folks who taught themselves from youtube and scavenging from free training sites.