php error notices in business portfolio thems when plugins activated

Help! I am new to the wordpress mu concept but have worked with wordpress for several years, and I am doing my best to work through the problems I am having. I have wordpress installed and the network activated. I am using the Business Portfolio child theme.

I have activated buddypress and have all these error notices popping up on my site and on my admin panel. I have tried correcting some of them in Dreamweaver, and that will eliminate some of the errors, but some I just don’t understand how to correct. Correcting each one seems like a daunting process.

I have tried removing the plugins and the themes and reinstalling, but that does not seem to work. I get more and more errors with every plug in I try to activate. Trying to activate the market press, chat or membership plugin locks me out of my admin panel and I have to delete the plugin in order to gain access again.

Here is my website and a screenshot of my admin panel. How do I correct this?