PHP Fatal Errors popping up

I moved all of my sites and systems to a new server running Xenial / MariaDB / PHP7 etc ..

Since the move I have had this one major issue, a Fatal PHP error that causes a 500.

This is one of the errors in my log :

[11-May-2017 02:03:23 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare ihc_suspend_account_bttn() (previously declared in /var/www/ in /var/www/ on line 882.

I have contacted the plugin developer, but 1. it’s not always just this one plugin, and 2. I just saw your update for the multisite plugin, and it seems you updated some fatal issues there, similar to this, so I am thinking you did not get all of it ..

This is a serious problem for me, which means I cannot go live until it’s resolved.

I would really appreciate your help ..

I need to add, I ran WP Engine’s PHP7 compatibility checker last night, and no major issues were detected inside this plugin. I’m going to scan WPMU stuff now to see what comes out, I’ll update this ticket ..