[PHP] PHP Compatibility

My hosting provider says:

"The following plugins/themes are not compatible with PHP 7.1. WPMU DEV Dashboard"

Because of this I have to disable a lot of your plugins i'm paying $50 a month for because they break my site. Or - I have to use an earlier version of PHP which is not recommended by my hosting provider - Siteground.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Amanda

    The WPMU DEV Dashboard is fully compatible with PHP 7.x. I'm not sure what method your host is using to check compatibility but many automated tests do return false results when a given plugin (that applies not only to our plugins) include some additional code for backwards compatibility.

    The WPMU DEV Dashboard does include such code - some pieces of PHP code that indeed may not be compatible with PHP 7.x but is specific to some older versions of PHP. However, such code wouldn't be executed if the plugin is run on PHP 7.x powered platform.

    Most of the automated tests fail in such cases, giving false alarms.

    Because of this I have to disable a lot of your plugins i'm paying $50 a month for because they break my site.

    I believe that the "incompatibility" is not what is the reason here. If you're experiencing any issues with our plugins breaking your site, please talk to us via our LiveSupport chat or create support tickets here on forum (please create separate tickets for different issues) and we'll be more than happy to check this and work with you to solve the problems. That's what we're here for 24/7 :slight_smile:

    Kind regards,

  • Tony G

    All of my sites are on 7.1.14, or close to it. I could upgrade to 7.2 but there are certainly issues with that either in WP core and/or in various plugins.

    You might need extensions like mbstring. You might need to increase your PHP.ini max values for memory or processing time.

    Rather than being stuck in the middle with two providers telling you different things, Amanda it might be good to get your host to create an account here and connect with this forum and/or Live Chat so that they can discuss this with staff directly. It seems like they're WP-aware so that shouldn't be much of a stretch for them.


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