PHP Query - Importing Yahoo Weather RSS Feed

Over at, I have a small weather widget on the home page. It's actually one widget together in that row that displays different stuff. One is pulling in from the Yahoo RSS weather feed to show the weather for a specific location.

The issue - the weather icon never changes. It's ALWAYS the storm.png file, no matter what.

I have a weather-conditions.php file that has the following code. This is beyond my skill set, but I sort of get what's happening. The RSS feed provides a specific code, and that code determines which icon is displayed. There are five icons: storm, snow, rain, cloudy, and sunny. There is a "mysterious" icon if the code is not available.

I've confirmed all of the icons are available in the same folder.

I've created a zip file that includes the PHP files, folder structure and a bunch of my notes in a file called weather-issue.txt.

This may be a stretch, but I was hoping someone from WPMU could help out.

Zip is at

Thanks in advance.