PHP Session info and Marketpress' "Whoops. Looks like you've missed a step" mess

Hi Guys,

I did a quick search and found a few other topics touching on this one but none seem to really answer my questions specifically.

I’m getting the “whoops look like you missed a step” on the payment confirmation page.

Double checked my php.ini and it seems like it should be fine to me – as far as I can tell it’s set to save session info and the path is there on the server.

Site is and you can see a php info file at

Another issue that seems to be coming up and I’m not positive if this is related to the first or if I should start another thread is that when logged in, testing the checkout procedure remembers my shipping info after coming back from Paypal (but get the whoops message reagrdless).

Yet when logged out and testing when I return it doesn’t have the shipping info saved there.

Maybe it’s late and I’m just missing something obvious but if you could give me any help it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!