php tutorial module 2 typo

in the wordpress academy basic tutorial in the second module after the video “tutorial” section there’s a statement php opens with <?php and closes with” >?”- that’s all. It took a lot to give you guys a heads up and maybe it’s already been taken care of or it was on purpose so that it would show up as text or something? either way i’m just trying to help. Thanks so much for all that you do it’s great! I have never learned so much about php in such a small amount of time and it’s all applicable stuff so I actually learn why I need to know this stuff I’m usually lost. So once again I believe the typo is in the first part of the tutorial section of chapter 2 in the basic wordpress course PHP opens with <?php and closes with <B>?< </B>…you get it. Thanks again – William

okay so here’s a better way for me to help now that I know I can edit this support form submission. the typo is here:

In the (first steps) section the paragraph “A very important rule is that only content within PHP tags is considered PHP code, anything else is considered HTML. This is why our Hello HTML text shows up. PHP tags begin with (| <?php and end with *( >?. )* |) Anything in between those tags is considered PHP. Here’s an example:”

I hope that was relevant and actually helps even though people will figure out that “>?” will not close a php tag in further reading. I guess I’m bored and it’s x-mas eve so I figured I would try to help. Have a happy holiday and thank you for what you do again – William