PHP5 "breaks" theme css

Looking for some advice...

I have a heavily modified theme that has been working fine. I recently made a change from PHP Version 4.4.9 to PHP Version 5.2.6 and the pages render as though the stylesheet is missing.

I realize that diagnosing an entire theme can't be done via this forum, but I'm curious if anyone has some pointers on where to start looking. Note that I have installed only a few non-WPMU Premium plugins, and disabling those does not seem to solve the issue - so I assume the problem lies with a function or some other theme specific element.

Again, just wondering if there are any known issues that I should be looking for.

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    Thanks both.

    We're currently converting a public site to WPMU, and discovered this when dealing with an issue that was brought up in the "MailChimp" thread (

    In order to replicate the problem, I'd need to adjust the .htaccess file again - which would blow-up the ability of the content folks to get some stuff staged this week - so I'll see if I can replicate it on a less sensitive server, and post a URL.

    Aside from the Firebug suggestion, are there some typical issues that you've seen when moving a theme from PHP4 to PHP5? Any specific things to be looking for in a theme? I've done some searching and saw a few posts - mostly dealing with plugin compatibility. I was wondering if perhaps there are specific functions or other standard code conventions you might be aware of that needed to be changed or addressed for the move to PHP5.

    (BTW - the problem occured in FF3, IE7 and Chrome2 on Windows, and in FF3 and Safari3 on Mac, so the problem doesn't appear to be browser related.)

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    Just a quick followup:

    I was able to get the theme to work on a PHP 5.2.5 install - so the PHP issue seems to have been a partial red herring. I say partial, because I got it to work without the standard set of WPMU Premium plugins installed.

    The only thing I can guess at the moment, is that there is some combination of PHP5/theme/plugin that is causing a conflict.

    Process of plugin elimination ahead...

    Thanks again.

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