pictures not showing


I should be bale to attach screenshots for you to get straighter to the point here.

Ok – let me try my best

I have a slight issue with the Events+ Plugin

My main slug is :

On there you can see a demo picture now for the event and that is fine.

When you click on the event though you get to this page here

and something does not feel right here

Like the buttons No – Maybe – I’m attending are on top and the info is below. In addition there is no Picture here that makes the click appealing ?

Did you design it to be a 2 click process ?

Letssay i want to make it easy for my customers and enable them to reserve in 1 click ok then i am troubled with this setup.

If i mail them only this link here

then they see all events i am doing

If i mail them this link here

There are no pictures ? No Google maps etc etc.

Please advise

Maybe there is somethign wrong with my theme ?

Let me know as well if you have design templates that look nice for this plugin – Thank you

Corrado Izzo