PinBoard for Wordpress?

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So, there's this recent drastic rise to these sites where people go to look at, and comment on really nifty stuff. That's all.. just nifty stuff. Scroll forever downward the page - seeing inspired photos - new products, and pretty much anything you can imaging that people might enjoy viewing or experiencing.

It seems to me that wordpress developers may want to step it up a little and create such a thing, no?
>> << is a great example of a very VERY simple one. There are more out there - and perhaps it only needs to be a theme instead of a plugin - but it would seem to me that this would be a VERY worth while endeavor that wordpress would seem a natural to use.

I'll happily provide the domain/hosting to create such a beast - but I'll need some collaborators to help me out.

Any thoughts - ideas etc..?

  • BigCat
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I've already put a domain in place for one... will be dropping WP into it tonight. - it will be like window shopping at a geek fantasy mall. <snicker> is a good generic representation of one - but I like "" a lot more.
    Being able to use the Facebook or +Google API will save a lot of hassle. It would be nice if they could just be simple "drop ins" from a facebook and/or +google photo albums. Then you would have the freedom to run it as a facebook APP and website at the same time.

    I think this would work best as a full template & theme. What really interests me - is the ability to multi-site it. So folks could sign up and provide their own pinboard as a "sub-site" with the root site eventually becoming a collaboration/showcase of all the most popular and/or voted feature items.

    I hope I'm explaining this properly... would be cool if we get responses to this before someone else rolls with it. It's a new spin on a few things I guess - but I see a lot of potential.


  • Joe
    • New Recruit

    A lot of people have been telling me about I have to check that out.

    I'm a very new wpmu user so have been just trolling here so far to learn the mood and ethos of this forum. I usually don't post a lot while I'm new somewhere.

    This seems to be a very "let's get down to business and support" kind of place. I'm very excited about all the possibilities here; am reviewing the manuals now and trying to decide what features I want to begin with.

  • BigCat
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Ok, so the site is now up and running.
    To start out with, I installed the "showcase theme" but alas, while meeting a friend for lunch, I noticed that my iPad doesn't like that theme at all. Mind you my iPad doesn't like Wordpress in general, so I should have guessed that.

    At any rate...
    I installed the "comments plus" and "social marketing" plugins. Next will be to decide how to marry the site with Facebook. I figured it would be kewl if it was developed as a Facebook/twitter/WP app right off the bat. By using their existing APIs and pulling the content directly from their photo/video servers; iTekky will have much less overhead and rely much less on the local host speed (or lack there of).

    Now if only my host (enom) wasn't so damned flaky! Ughghgh!

  • BigCat
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I did find a wordpress theme that "attempts" to accomplish this. Unfortunately I paid them money for it. But if anyone want to see what it looks like before I start adding content... is the site address. It's a fairly good looking "clone" of Pinterest - but I'm confident WPMUDev could do something much nicer.


  • BigCat
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I managed to find a THEME which accomplishes this - but it's clunky.
    Until someone manages to use the Facebook API to bring facebook wall posts forward to a website - the "Pinboard" concept might be a bit of a pain. HOWEVER - if there are any THEME AUTHORS paying attention to this thread...
    I suggest they give THIS---><--- a look.
    I'm sure with a little reverse engineering - and the proper application of some of the plugins found around WPMUdev - it should be fairly easy to create a great pinboard site.

  • sequin
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I'd be really interested in something along these lines. New here and not a developer, but I'd really like something where members can share and rate links. I don't want to change my theme, so I'd prefer a plugin that I can add them to a single page. For me it doesn't need to be as complicated as Pinterest, and it doesn't need full community functionality. I guess it would be more like a user submitted directory, just in a prettier format with the focus on image.
    Key features would be:
    * Simple form for users to submit links or upload own images
    * Auto generate thumbnail from URL (with choice of images similar to facebook / google+ link sharing)
    * Comments
    * Star based link rating
    * Content sits in my page for SEO (not externally hosted liek an embedded Pinterest board)
    Nice to have would be a pinterest style "pin" button.

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya sequin,

    First off, welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Are you using BuddyPress by any chance? If so, you could use our BuddyPress Activity Plus plugin for the easy link/image bits:

    We do have a voting plugin that adds the ability for folks to rate things by stars (among other options):

    So an alternative to BuddyPress would be to create a custom post type specifically for your links. You could use our CustomPress plugin to accomplish this:

    This way you can make the post as simple as you want to make things easy on your users. Only disadvantage of this method is that it won't auto-find an image and description of links.

    Hope this helps!

  • sequin
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Thanks. I'm not using BuddyPress - I really want a simpler solution if I can make it. Custom post might be the solution, although I'm unsure whether I'm savvy enough to do it yet. Will download and have a play.

    I did find this code for a Facebook style thumbnail grabber using jQuery, but I can't figure out which .php files he uses so can't replicate it... I ideally want larger images, but figure that's a change even I can make!

  • BlueGoat
    • Flash Drive

    I was peeking at the Apptha Pinterest theme too but I cannot figure out how to get the waterfall of profile photos and comments to show up underneath the photo posting like original Pinterest. I've really great ideal for Pinboard theme but it'll likely be expensive getting a Wordpress Developer to implement the ideals that I have.

  • jasonlovesgreen
    • New Recruit

    My wife and I are developing a social networking site for landscape and garden: We desperately need a pinboard like Pinterest that is fully functional with Buddypress (works all our users). We want to make a "Dream" section that users can pin landscape and garden ideas they want to add to their yards. Also, we would like for the plugin to allow comments from other users about the pins. We don't want to reduce the whole site down to a simple Pinterest theme, however.

  • jb510
    • Flash Drive

    +1 On a BuddyPress plugin that lets members build pinboards being cool.

    Alternatively (I don't know enough about Pinterest's API), but associating pinterest pinboards with a BuddyPress user would be cool too..

    Note: IMHO this defintely needs to be a PLUGIN for bookmarking images... not a THEME for displaying posts/content. Two totally different things

  • Renaissance Media
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Any further thought given to this? There seems to be some interest here and we are still in need of something for our site. I'm seeing lots and lots of websites with this capability. It's really hot - and almost a necessity for fashion, wedding/party, interiors, or any design based site.

    What we're looking for, preferably, is a plugin to do this, but we can work around it with a theme on a subdomain... I think. So long as there is an easy way to share finished boards on the main site.

    I'm happy to supply links to other sites with this functionality, if that would help in any way.

    I also found a site that does just boards for designers to use. SampleBoard. However, you have to use the technology on their site. We want something native to our own site for members to use.

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