PinBoard for WordPress?

Hi Ho Neighbors!

So, there’s this recent drastic rise to these sites where people go to look at, and comment on really nifty stuff. That’s all.. just nifty stuff. Scroll forever downward the page – seeing inspired photos – new products, and pretty much anything you can imaging that people might enjoy viewing or experiencing.

It seems to me that wordpress developers may want to step it up a little and create such a thing, no?

>> << is a great example of a very VERY simple one. There are more out there – and perhaps it only needs to be a theme instead of a plugin – but it would seem to me that this would be a VERY worth while endeavor that wordpress would seem a natural to use.

I’ll happily provide the domain/hosting to create such a beast – but I’ll need some collaborators to help me out.

Any thoughts – ideas etc..?