Pingdom says "Avoid URL redirects"

I don’t know why this is happening but on pingdom it says I need to avoid url redirects but I’m not sure why:

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    Hi Meredith

    I hope you’re well today and don’t mind me jumping in :slight_smile:

    I checked the site again and I think there’s been a small confusion as we didn’t notice that the “giftofspeed” service (see my colleague’s response above) actually is “cheating” a bit. It took me a while to notice it but it’s… checking the site over insecure HTTP connection.

    In other words, even if you put a “https://” prefixed URL it requests “http://” URL instead. I confirmed that with other sites too. So, that particular redirect is perfectly fine and expected as you actually do want the site to be loaded over “https://” anyway, if a visitor uses “http://” prefix.

    To clear that up: if you click on a link to your site from some other place and that link is using “https://” prefix, there’ll be no redirect. The same if you put “https://” prefixed URL directly into browser admin bar.

    The bottom line is: I wouldn’t worry at all about the “giftofspeed” result.

    However, there are redirects indeed on the site. The ones that Pingdom Tools are complaining about (and you can get more “insight” by checking site in GTMetrix) seems to be some internal redirects coming from the Amazon widget on site.

    Apparently, that’s how it’s loading images. It sets an URL of some script on Amazon’s end as <img> tag “src” attribute and that script is making a redirect to an actual image URL. This is quite a “strange” way to serve images to be honest but since it’s all on Amazon’s end, I doubt there’s a way to e.g. modify/override that widget’s behavior. I believe that the script (at “….”:wink: must be called to identify you and to also dynamically serve images.

    Technically speaking, it would be possible to do all that and still serve images from their end without redirect but for some reasons that’s how it’s done for this widget on their end. Is this some embedded widget or some 3rd-party plugin by the way?

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