Place HTML5 parallax banner ad on Home page

Hello I made a html5 Google banner ad and want to place it at the bottom of my home Wordpress page,looping. I have Framemarket, but that is just for the shopping pages,not Home. I tried plugins like Adplug and PluNEdit, but I couldn't seem to get it to accept the html5 file. I don't even need it to click anywhere, just run in a loop at the bottom of my home page.I tried inserting it in the column edit in the Row setting , background , background style , image / parallax I got fed up and tried to convert it to mp4, but could not find how to do that ? A blog person told me to "Use the iframe HTML markup to display the ad on your page." I tried to find out what this was, but could not.Can you explain that to me ?
Do you have any other idea of how to get it on my site in another format ? I can't seem to convert HTML5 Please help me get this html5 animated skit on my Home page ! Thank You

  • sheldon

    Hello. I created a Google Web designer parallax html5 banner ad. I want to use it on my website home page . For the website, I installed a html5 player plugin. I placed the ad's html5 code in a raw html plugin and put that on the site. It didn't work.So I uploaded it to Google Drive I used the iframe tag: <iframe src="http://your-ad-banner.html" height="650" width="1053"></iframe> that you gave me. I inserted the Google link that they generate,in the space where the sample words are on the iframe tag: http://your-ad-banner.html Made sure it was inserted exact. Put it in a raw html Wordpress element, positioned it on the Home page. Saved and published and my website came displayed a thin border box the size of the dimensions that I gave it in the html, but no content in it. The Web Designer directions say that only Google Adwords and Google Double click recognize the Google banner ad html, so I tried to upload the html file there, but they would not accept it, only Google Drive. I searched for a Google Wed Designer html5 player plug in, but could not find any to insert in my website. How can I get this Google banner ad html file on my website ? Even if I can convert it to another video format.My parallax ad html file works great. I click on it on my desktop and it plays out it's 26 second skit.I looked at the same Google drive saved html file and it was saved as a Doc type. I couldn't get it to play.

  • sheldon

    Hello in response to your responce. I'm trying to get that Google Web Builder parallax html ad on to my Wordpress website, home page. I activated a Advanced IFrames plugin and set it to the Google Drive location that I uploaded the Google Web Designer parallax ad to, from the publish page of Web Designer. I inserted Google Drive's generated link in the settings, for the Advanced IFrames Plugin. Then I took the advanced IFrames generated shortcode seen here, and inserted it , as instructed, in the text page of my Home page IFrames pluginPlease use the following shortcode to add an iframe to your page:[advanced_iframesecuritykey="008770ac49b1f3a4a15d66ac55b6fb71d9e30011"] I inserted this, in brackets, on the home page page text, as instructed. I attached a screen shot of this. All that I could see on my website was the code that I inserted into the text page. Before this I tried different ways, including adding another tag that someone gave me like this; <iframe src="http://your-ad-banner.html" height="650" width="1053"></iframe>I put this in a Raw Html element and had an active html5 player all linked to Google Drive. All I got there on my website was an out line of a box, the size of the dimensions of the parallax ad, that I had entered in the IFrame pixel size values and just a thin border, with no content. I tried other things, that you can see in previous conversation. Please help me get this Google Web designer Html ad onto my website. Hopefully from Google Drive, or better yet bedded in the page. The advanced IFrames plugin settings had a place, where I placed the Google Drive generated link. This was supposed to embed the html ad in the Home page, as far as I understand ? This did not work either, on a later try.Please help me get this on my Home page any way that I can. thank You

  • Luís

    Hi @sheldon,

    I hope had been good today!

    Honestly, I never did this before. I tested it with a pre-built template of Google Web designer and it works well.

    I upload the HTML file (and image files generated) using FTP and used the iframe tag referred above:

    <iframe src="http://your-ad-banner.html" height="300" width="300"></iframe>

    Can you test one of the pre-built templates of Google Web designer to see if works in your website?

    Cheers, Luís

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