Place HTML5 parallax banner ad on Home page

Hello I made a html5 Google banner ad and want to place it at the bottom of my home WordPress page,looping. I have Framemarket, but that is just for the shopping pages,not Home. I tried plugins like Adplug and PluNEdit, but I couldn’t seem to get it to accept the html5 file. I don’t even need it to click anywhere, just run in a loop at the bottom of my home page.I tried inserting it in the column edit in the Row setting , background , background style , image / parallax I got fed up and tried to convert it to mp4, but could not find how to do that ? A blog person told me to “Use the iframe HTML markup to display the ad on your page.” I tried to find out what this was, but could not.Can you explain that to me ?

Do you have any other idea of how to get it on my site in another format ? I can’t seem to convert HTML5 Please help me get this html5 animated skit on my Home page ! Thank You