Placing Page Title with H1 Heading over an image for SEO and usability


I have read from landing page experts' blogs that the most effective way to make
a good landing page is to place an image at the top of the page that shows what the page is about and insert text over the image to explain what the page is about.

Similiar that in Yoast blog posts
Apparently it is also good for the SEO and decreasing bounce rates
since the person sees immidiately what the page is about.

See a blog post of Yoast

You can see Yoast uses this technigue in all of their blog posts and pages.

My guestion is is there a simple to use WordPress plugin to do this?

Place an image and then place text over it that is the page title with H1 heading?

If there is no sufficient plugin is there some other way of doing this?