Placing the Directory Plugin in a Dir Folder, not on Root Domain

I'd like to place this directory in a folder, so my blog can have a directory at and not on the homepage of the site (which seems to be the default).

How can I make this happen?

  • DavidM
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    Hi lorenbaker and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    That could definitely be done, though the directory site would be an independent site itself, with a potentially different user base.

    But then, you could always disable registration on that directory site and install the User Synchronization plugin to sync the users from the main site to this directory site.

    I think it could work rather neatly. :slight_smile:


  • foodfriendfinder
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    Lorenbaker ......I have create new folder in public_html like.. ie..... subdirectory would
    install wordpress again via ftp to this folder...different database but same user...change wp-config.php file to new database name ,user and password and api key from ..
    then login into subdirectory site @ ...change permalinks from default...I use custom /%postname%/
    upload directory plugin via ftp to the theme folder of wordpress
    in businessdirectory wp admin activate new theme in appearance.
    go back to main site and in menu you can add link to subdirectory site so it will show in the menu bar of your main site.
    I am not an expert.... this is how I did it...not sure if this is what you are asking.

  • DavidM
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    @lorenbaker, the method foodfriendfinder mentioned is the best way to do it, by installing via FTP. If you have Fantastico or Simple Scripts available through your cPanel (assuming your host is providing cPanel), you could install another copy of WordPress using that.

    It all depends on your host and what's been made available to you. If you could provide a bit more detail on your hosting service, we can take a look with you on the setup.

    Most importantly, do you have access to cPanel with your host? Or perhaps Plesk?


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