Plan To Update/Revise Easy Blogging in 2016?

Team WPMU,

Are there plans to update this plugin in 2016?

There is still a significant need to have a flexible menu system that corresponds to pro-site levels, and Easy Blogging is the only plugin of it's kind. However, as we've discussed before, it's terribly out of date and needs a significant overhaul.

Modern styling, easier plugin menu integration, multiple levels of wizard, multiple level menu levels, improvements to tool tips, etc are all needed.

This is a game changer plugin if done right, and the new API options make it even more so -- there is both a tremendous opportunity and need in the Wordpress Admin Menu space right now, and the software is finally able to support a robust product.

2016 is the perfect time to resurrect this plugin and make it viable. I know that my business would be greatly improved by a newer version of Easy Blogging. I am really hoping to hear that it is on the schedule for this year.