Planing on installing nginx need advice

Planing on installing nginx need advice

My setup is

VPS Cloud 3 blocks of CPUs with 6 Gigs Ram

wp 3.1.3 Multi Site With Domain Mapping Plug in from wpmuDev

Dedicated IP other then servers IP (i hope i explained that correctly)

Do I need to do anything beside installing nginx the one I was going to use is the free on that has the whm control panel

I was just going to install it but thought about if there was any comparability problems with Multisite installs so I stopped and came here.

I came back to be a little more clearer on my setup

server has main domain

server name is

then the main domain is a reseller with many web site under it

phpbb forums we will call it ect.

2 wp single installs we will call it

1 multisite install (The one I’m speaking about) with its own IP

we will call it

the reason I’m mentioning this is I notice some people posting there nginx configs for wp installs and no one was clear on it you have multiple domains besides word press installs

I saw this so it confused me so when you are writing about how to setup be aware of the multiple domains

this is what I noticed


would it be for me


I’m so confused (knocking head on table)