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I am trying to develop a multi-site for a start-up with hopes of high expansion and growth. It is estimated that 90% of the sites will be free personal blogs and the remaining 10% will be divided over 3 types. To get momentum, all sites will be free initially free. Currently, blog types is activated. The revenue model is primarily advertising based, with some user sites potentially being charged for added features. We have multi-db installed. From a structural and efficient perspective, since we do not intend to charge for sites initially, should we still implement Supporter at the beginning or can it just as easily be added when needed? What are the trade-offs?

  • DavidM
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    Hi antKat,

    That's a very good question considering the work being done on the forthcoming Supporter update and whether that would be available by the time you're ready to implement it.

    Let me ask a few of the guys over here how that's coming along and I guess most importantly, how the upgrade process would go from existing Supporter versions.


  • Mason
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    Hiya antKat,

    No harm in waiting on Supporter installation. Whenever it's activated all blogs will, by default, be 'non-supporters'. Regardless of when it installs you can switch blogs manually for supporter status.

    We are working on an upgrade for Supporter - but it will be upgradeable with the current version. So if you need this capability now, you can install it and be able to upgrade when the next version is finished up.


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