Planning now for the future with multi-db

I’ve been reading all the instructions and the forum posts for multi-db, and looking at my site strategy for short-term and long-term.

My long, long term strategy is to have many, many sites – enough that I go to the 4096 number of databases. But of course, that’s the “yep, I have the BEST IDEA EVER” enthusiasm talking, which keeps me going with my plans but you have to be realistic (not pessimistic, but tempered enthusiasm) :wink:

What I didn’t really find was information about how hard it is to grow once you’ve setup. I’m thinking of going straight to the 256 db option, as it says there is no difference really in performance between 16 and 256. (dedicated server leased from hostgator – fyi).

But, what if this really is my “big honking idea” and I need to go past the 100,000 blogs/sites? Is it possible to upgrade a live network from 256 to 4096 without problems? What are my “gotchas”?

When would I have to do this – realistically not year 1 of business operation for sure (unless I have the Midas touch, at which point I’ll be throwing a party on my private yacht first – lol). But I prefer to plan out my architecture and any potential gotcha’s upfront – so I have a strategy to implement in the future when I need it.

Thanks in advance for your help and guidance.