Please add a class to this text string in the next update

This is pure frustration:

<div class="appointments-wrapper">
    <h3>Our schedule for May 2013</h3>
    Click a free day to apply for an appointment.
<div class="appointments-list">
<div class="app_monthly_schedule_wrapper">

I know you know what I'm talking about. I should not have to jump through jQuery hoops just to target "Click a free day to apply for an appointment." with CSS because the former dev didn't feel like putting the copy inside of an element.

Also, because Appointments+ is a single freaking PHP file over 10,000 lines long with narry a hook or action to filter, I can't replace that bit of code without being virtually guaranteed it will break the next time A+ receives a patch.

Great plugin, best on the market for many types of businesses to be honest.

I just hate knowing my stylistic mods are so incredibly fragile! I can guarantee I'll be hearing from this client first time the plugins refresh.