Please add all currency values to Marketpress


I am working in South African Rands and we specifically joined 2Checkout because they can take payments in Rand. But the Rand option is not on your drop-down list for 2Checkout. Can you please add this as soon as possible or tell me how I can add this?

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hiya Nicholas,

    Apologies for this oversight. I’ll ask the developer to incorporate that into the next version.

    In the meantime you can add it yourself to the $currencies array on line 299 of /marketpress-includes/plugins-gateway/2checkout.php like so;

    $currencies = array(
    "ARS" => 'ARS - Argentina Peso',
    "AUD" => 'AUD - Australian Dollar',
    "BRL" => 'BRL - Brazilian Real',
    "CAD" => 'CAD - Canadian Dollar',
    "CHF" => 'CHF - Swiss Franc',
    "DKK" => 'DKK - Danish Krone',
    "EUR" => 'EUR - Euro',
    "GBP" => 'GBP - British Pound',
    "HKD" => 'HKD - Hong Kong Dollar',
    "INR" => 'INR - Indian Rupee',
    "JPY" => 'JPY - Japanese Yen',
    "MXN" => 'MXN - Mexican Peso',
    "NOK" => 'NOK - Norwegian Krone',
    "NZD" => 'NZD - New Zealand Dollar',
    "SEK" => 'SEK - Swedish Krona',
    "USD" => 'USD - U.S. Dollar',
    "ZAR" => 'ZAR - South African Rand',



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