Please add Google Authorship data to forums!

I think it's fair to say I spend a whole lot of time in these forums. On one level, I do enjoy the challenge of it.

The one thing y'all can do for me as I come up on my 2000th post is to add Google Authorship data to posts & replies in the forums. Let's look at a quick example.

In this post, I answer a simple but technical question and even get a "like" on my answer. In terms of Google structured data, that could be read as "1 of 1 stars" with "1 vote" (having no likes should not be 0/1, however... just omit it).

This is important to me because getting links back to my G+ on answers increases my authority with Google on all web development topics. As a result, that makes my website much more relevant when someone goes-a-hunting for my type of services online.

So while I don't ask for much, I do ask for this.

1. Add authorship to posts using a simple meta tag. Yoast explains it here:

2. Add vcard microformatting to each follow up comment.

This will take one of your developers all of 15 minutes to set up. The result is that you will gain a sh*t ton of relevance in Google's eyes while also giving your post authors a bit of authority on the back end.