Please adjust Anti-Splog to operate on non-multi sites

I can’t find the forum location where I request that the Anti-Splog plugin be made usable for non multi-site Buddypress sites?? This is a critical need I’ve seen expressed across many forums and I’m surprised there are no solutions at MPMU for this. I have six student sites that have been hit by spammers which have created 30,000+ groups on each of the sites with ‘comments’ that hold Black Hat SEO backlinks. There are currently no plugins that I’ve found that can manage to filter and delete this many spam groups. Lots of pre-registration spam protection options out there, but removing spam Groups is a missing link for the initial cleanup.

WangGuard is closest but BP has a glitch that the creator says doesn’t allow WG to clear spam groups. Please help solve what is an epidemic problem. Thanks