Please advise in choosing theme and plugins!


hope someone can help me with this. I am going to create a auction site and I need these features ( looking at some part of Christies and sotheby's sites for reference. )

1. Membership feature. I have wares which I can show to anybody, wares which I only want to show to registered members and wares which I only show to VERIFIED members ( they need to submit their income statement to me to proof that they have the financial power to buy what I can show them )

When visitors register, they can choose if they want to just register for a normal member or if they want to go through the verification process to see the top quality wares. ( if they choose the 2nd one, i will have to guide them to a custom page where i will tell them that they need to submit their income statement, etc to me )

2. My contents are going to be sorted into 3 levels. Verified members, normal members and visitors and I want to be able to control who can see what. Be it categories, galleries, page, posts,etc.

3. I have alot of wares to upload. I will upload the pictures, titles, description, estimated offering price, etc and I want visitors and members to be able to sort these items according to price or name or year, etc. Maybe I am looking at WP-catalogue or something? but WP-catalogue doesnt provide the features which I am looking for.

4. Its something like a e-commerce sites whereby people can see what I have, but there is no " BUY NOW " button. So its like a typical e-commerce plugin without the shopping function I guess?

5. I will create my site in both English, Chinese and maybe Japanese so I am looking at multisite right? If a person registers on the English site, can he automatically become a member of the Chinese version of the site as well? The layout and contents are exactly the same, just that the language is different.

6. In the future, I hope to create an online bidding function as well. Right now its just offline auction - people have to come to our place to take part in the bidding but in the future i hope to have a function whereby people who cannot come to our place can participate online or through phone ( just like what sothebys and christies are doing )

Currently these are some of the features which I want to include in my site but I am not sure which theme and plugins combination would be the best so I hope someone can help !!!

Thank you in advance !!!!!