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hope someone can help me with this. I am going to create a auction site and I need these features ( looking at some part of Christies and sotheby’s sites for reference. )

1. Membership feature. I have wares which I can show to anybody, wares which I only want to show to registered members and wares which I only show to VERIFIED members ( they need to submit their income statement to me to proof that they have the financial power to buy what I can show them )

When visitors register, they can choose if they want to just register for a normal member or if they want to go through the verification process to see the top quality wares. ( if they choose the 2nd one, i will have to guide them to a custom page where i will tell them that they need to submit their income statement, etc to me )

2. My contents are going to be sorted into 3 levels. Verified members, normal members and visitors and I want to be able to control who can see what. Be it categories, galleries, page, posts,etc.

3. I have alot of wares to upload. I will upload the pictures, titles, description, estimated offering price, etc and I want visitors and members to be able to sort these items according to price or name or year, etc. Maybe I am looking at WP-catalogue or something? but WP-catalogue doesnt provide the features which I am looking for.

4. Its something like a e-commerce sites whereby people can see what I have, but there is no ” BUY NOW ” button. So its like a typical e-commerce plugin without the shopping function I guess?

5. I will create my site in both English, Chinese and maybe Japanese so I am looking at multisite right? If a person registers on the English site, can he automatically become a member of the Chinese version of the site as well? The layout and contents are exactly the same, just that the language is different.

6. In the future, I hope to create an online bidding function as well. Right now its just offline auction – people have to come to our place to take part in the bidding but in the future i hope to have a function whereby people who cannot come to our place can participate online or through phone ( just like what sothebys and christies are doing )

Currently these are some of the features which I want to include in my site but I am not sure which theme and plugins combination would be the best so I hope someone can help !!!

Thank you in advance !!!!!

  • Alexander
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    Hi @toh shun gui,

    Got some ideas for you:

    I think the easiest way to do this would be to use our Membership plugin and create your three access levels: “Visitor” “Registered” “Verified”

    Next, create 2 subscriptions called “Registered” and “Verified” (visitors don’t have a subscription)

    Assuming they don’t have to pay to be a member, you can go to “Membership Options” and set the “Use Subscription” setting to “Registered” This will simplify the signup process, and automatically add them to the registered subscription when they signup.

    At this point, I’d recommend having a page called “Get Verified” In this page you can use membership shortcodes to only show the verification form to registered users. Once they are verified, your shortcodes can display a message telling them they are verified.

    To display the items, you could use MarketPress. In it’s presentation settings, you can enable a “gallery” mode which basically disables the shopping cart, but allows items to be browsed.

    MarketPress integrates nicely with Membership. You can add membership rules to hide certain categories depending on access level. This way you can have a “verified” category of items you don’t wish everyone to see.

    I wouldn’t recommend using Multisite for this because the content will be the same. For multiple languages, it would be better to go with something like WPML:

    Right now online bidding isn’t possible with MarketPress. But this could be included with some custom development.

    Best regards,

  • Toh shun gui
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I encountered some minor hiccup. Hope someone can offer me some advice.

    Using Marketpress, I have created some product categories and i want to block access to certain product categories to ” Registered members” and ” visitors” . However, i couldnt find the option to do that.

    On the page whereby i can set the positive rules and negative rules, I dont see how I can grant access to only certain product categories.

    Please help !!!

  • Alexander
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi @toh shun gui,

    I’m sorry for the delay here. As for blocking a particular category, you can do this with URL groups:

    For example, adding this to a URL group will filter the “stuff” category:*.

    Placing this in a negative rule will block access to that category.

    Best regards,

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