Please can I ask for some theme support for Blogs MU which

Hello, Please can I ask for some theme support for Blogs MU which is running on this site:
I am having two issue with it at the moment that I cannot seem to find out how to resolve.
1. On the home page I have the 3 demo services showing. I would like to edit this as they suggest to show content about what is available on the site. BUT... I cannot see where within the theme options this is done, there is nothing under the services tab and scrolling through other theme options I cannot see an editing field that relates to this.
I have tried clicking the text link on the home page for the demo services:
"You can replace this area with a new text in your theme options and upload and crop new images to replace the image you can see here already."
This just produces an error message:
"You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page." which is strange as I am logged in as Admin.
Please can you advise on changing this.

2. In the theme choices for the home page it has a secondary header space for text in 'Your Network sub intro post text' I have added text that starts: "Interested in Close up Photography".
I like this feature there on the homepage. But it is unwanted as repeated content on other pages. For example on my about page -
That secondary header looks right out of place and is distracting from the actual page content. How do I kill off any repeat of this network intro other than on the homepage please?
Thank you and regards