Please can members get email notication of next drip?

Members will get additional content dripped to them once per month.

I can use 'communications' to auto-email before or after a subscription is paid, but I'd like to auto-email that their next level is now available for them to access - to remind them to come back to the site.

Could this additional functionality be added sometime?

Thank you.

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Hi again :slight_smile:

    This functionality is intended to be met with the current communications functionality. If you have a drip feed subscription then you have a finite amount of days you can space the emails.

    i.e. you have 30 day subscriptions, you send an email day 1, day 30, day 60 etc after the subscription starts.

    Does this make sense?



  • Paul Foster Marketing
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    Ah yes, of course, I was confused when it says after payment, because my member will only visit paypal once at the beginning of the subscription as its recurring.

    Well I assume that is the case, or does the member have to pay for each level in the drip feed?

    Thank you Kimberly..

  • Paul Foster Marketing
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor


    I'm still getting my head round this, lol!

    I now have 20 Unit/Levels which are all one page of content each and are drip fed one per week, with previous weeks pages always available.

    The first week is free, then they are charged at $7 per week until they cancel.

    The member signs up for the course from a sales page which is the landing page of the site. They go to PayPal and pay, PayPal charges them on the second week and then every week following on a continuous basis.

    How do I set this up in the levels and the subscriptions, as I am confused between the two.

    I can see I add each level to the subscription so the member moves through with the additional content (level) being added each week, but don't understand it from there. Do I enter the same $7 each time?

    Any detailed description of what to do would be really helpful.

    Also does the member come back to the site automatically from PayPal or do they have to click to come back manually?

    Thank You, Kimberly.

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    From page 7 of the Membership PDF

    Dripped Content
    Some might ask what is drip content, well... Basically you could create multiple levels for
    one subscription. Each level could be active for a set period of time and so a user could
    signup and access your content for say 20 days, then on the 21st day they move to the next
    level thus getting more content. You could do this multiple times with different time frames
    and even fees.
    You could use this as a reward... Signup for one membership, stay active for a month, a year
    or something else and then get moved to the next level which has access to an extra category
    for your loyal members or some super cool download content.
    If you select the Dripped Content option, you will fill in the same form as shown for
    Standard Membership Sites. If you selected two levels, this time it will create one
    subscription titled “Dripped Subscription” with both levels added (whereas in Standard
    Membership Sites if you created two levels, there would also be two subscriptions).

    Does that help?

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