Please can someone explain me the following error...

Hello Guys,

below as one example a database error code. Please would you be so kind and explain me what it really states as I have no clue about db at all and eventually how to deal with it?

# Tue Mar 31 15:51:56 2015
# Thread_id: 10231408 Schema: bestofv2_global Last_errno: 0 Killed: 0
# Query_time: 1.713941 Lock_time: 0.000128 Rows_sent: 653 Rows_examined: 1928 Rows_affected: 0 Rows_read: 1928
# Bytes_sent: 1364448
use bestofv2_global;
SET timestamp=1427838716;
SELECT option_name, option_value FROM wp_iayq_options WHERE autoload = 'yes'

Thank you very much