PLEASE can someone help me with Directory?

I am so disappointed that nobdy has been able to help me with my issues surrounding Directory so I am putting everything on one thread in the hope that someone knows what to do and can help me step by step.

I am a relative beginner at this so I need step by step instructions on how to configure Directory as what I need to do is not in the usage instructions and help so far is in an alien language to me. goes. I am using Directory with Buddy Press & Membership which are both working correctly.

On my site my Members pay to join and as a thank you I would like to offer them a FREE directory listing for ONE listing only. Any more and they will have to pay per extra listing. I also want visitors to the site to be able to buy a directory listing but not automatically sign up as a Member unless they choose to do so.

What would the settings for this be? I only have one level of Membership subscription on there so I just need to know step by step (in plain English :grinning: how to set the capabilities and any other settings to make this work correctly.

The second issue I am having is that I would like the main Directory page to have all the listings set out as a grid. I have tried to enter the advised short code on the Directory page but this doesn't do anything.

Someone suggested unzipping the Directory plugin and uploading the theme to my host. I have absolutely no idea how to do this!

Surely both of these issues are relatively straightforward to the staff at WPMUDEV or maybe a techie out there can help me?

I have already been onto live chat today but there were too many people for my request to answer. The host said that he would solve my problem on here but hasn't.

Please, please can someone help me asap as I have been going bonkers over this for almost a week :slight_frown:

Thank you.

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Hello there!

    I can understand your anxiety, and we do want to help, however you will make it increasingly difficult for us to do so if you keep opening threads that address the same issue.

    In this ticket:

    The developer himself has given you an updated version of the Directory plugin for you to install and directions on how to setup your credit system. The credit system will allow you to get the functionality you desire.

    He also states that you will need some code edits, which is beyond what we can provide in support. If you are looking how to get the directory working, Arnold has laid out a stellar plan for you, and the customizations you can easily hire a developer.

    and here:

    I am more than willing to help you with what you need.

    I'm going to close this ticket in hopes that we can pursue them in the existing tickets. This will help us all, and will keep everything straight :slight_smile:

    Thank You!


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