Please can you help with certain negative rules

How do I restrict bbpress pages from being seen?

When I have blocked pages it becomes a white screen even though I have entered in a message in options.

How do I keep it looking like the theme with the message?

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  • Peter

    Hi thank you for answering all my queries sorry I made so many but I was told to put different issues in different threads

    The problem is actually on the main site if you click on job board when not logged in you will see the problem

    I have content that I want to be available for every site since I cant sync them I am putting that content on the main site and when someone becomes I member of a subsite I will use user synchronization to also make them a member of the main site automatically so they can add themselves to a directory and use the job boards, but they can not become a member of just the main site (though I don't know how to stop this, I am just not creating subscriptions and hoping that works.) The job board is one of these contents.

    In the access level there doesn't seem to be options to protect the forum , protected content plugin seems to have this feature but after reading comparisions it doesn't seem as powerful as membership pro plus I also want to allow affiliates (using affiliate plugin) to make money from referring members

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