Website running very slow


Please check my website and see why is that so slow when you want to connect to it. The issue is just appearing recently time (about 1 month).

We have done some website optimization action as below:

1. Decrease the number of plugin from 45 to 32. You will sure to remind me regarding we're using too much plugin, but we need that functions because the theme option does not include it. You can use grant access to see the plugin list if you wish.
2. We have optimized the site following suggestion of Google PageSpeed. But when we check with Gtmetrix, Pingdom the load time is still high (12s-40s), whatever server location.
3. We're using ZenCache cache plugin.
4. Optimize image by using Wp-smush pro.
5. Optimize database frequently.
6. We're using the newest theme version.
7. We're using Bluehost hosting.
8. We have contacted with hosting but they are still assure that the server is still good.

Please help us take a look and give us advices to increase the site speed.

Thank you,

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey Khan,

    Hope you're doing well today :slight_smile:

    Under desktop results it shows that main issue is optimizing images, you should try out our WP Smush plugin to optimize your images:

    Another big issue is number of CSS and JS files being loaded, we have new plugin in beta version that is all about speed optimization so you might want to give that a go and see if it helps on your site:

    There's also an issue with server response time but this is something that your host should handle.

    Hope this helps :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Khan,

    I hope you're well today!

    The issues enlisted on the screen in your recent posts may be a bit difficult to address without editing theme files and also some plugins may affect that. Therefore it should be possible improve those factors a bit but I suppose there'll be still some issues reported.

    1. Defer parsing of JavaScript

    This plugin should be of help here. It will affect all JavaScripts that are properly registered with "wp_enqueue_script()" functions. If there are any scripts that are included directly into the theme source code (e.g. via "<script src=" HTML tag) they will not be affected. You would then need to move those scripts manually to "wp_enqueue_script()" function first.

    2. Server scaled images
    The reason for the issue is size of the images. Default image sizes in WordPress are:

    thumbnail - 150 x 150px
    medium - 300 x 300px
    large - 640 x 640px
    full - original size of an image

    Usually files uploaded to Media Library are much bigger than those. Our WP Smush Pro plugin does optimize images but does not resize them (this would be a huge risk). I think what should help here would be

    a) run "Regenerate Thumbnails" plugin

    b) on "Settings -> Media" page check currently set dimensions of "Medium size" and "Large size" images; knowing these you could then resize all existing images to fit in these dimensions.

    This plugin could help along or instead Regenerate Thumbnails:k

    3. Specify image dimensions

    That'd be a bit more difficult as most themes does support image dimensions only via CSS. To fully satisfy that PageSpeed requirement each and every image on the site should have a width and height attribute.

    Partially you should be able to solve it by creating a child theme of your current theme (see here) and then adding width and height attribute to all image tags, here's an example:

    <img width="640" height="auto" .....

    I think however that this will be extremely hard to complete because you may not be able to access all images (some may be generated right from plugins and some may be of unknown dimensions until loaded to browser) and there are also images added directly to posts (so you would need to run through each and every post, page etc).

    4. Optimize the order of styles and scripts

    I think the first step should help here a bit.

    Best regards,

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