Please clarify how to configure Membership Renewals. NOT Auto-renewals

I am looking for clarification on how to configure my membership site to allow people to renew their membership 30 days before their 1-year membership expires. Please note, I do NOT want it to auto renew.

So far I have setup the following:

1. The subscription is a Serial subscription for one year.

2. The Membership–> Options–> Extras–> Membership Renewal section is set to 30 Days

3. I am using the PayPal Sandbox Single Payments Gateway.

When I log in as a test user and go to the “Subscriptions page”, I see my subscription is set to expire one year in the future and I do not see the Renewal button. I assume that will appear 30 Days before the subscription actually expires. My question is will this Automatically Renew?

The description for “Serial” subscriptions is a little confusing and I looking for confirmation that my configuration will NOT auto renew.