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EDIT: Found a similar link, still digesting whether it’s the same use case:

I have a content management itch that I believe wpmuDEV can scratch. Please correct the path that I am taking!

I have a non-profit ( that in turn supports a non-profit incubator (

The folks have several organizations/projects that would each benefit from an online community to call their own (blogs, buddypress,galleries, fundraising, event registration, class subscriptions, store etc).


So, it appears to me that is a network of networks, is that correct? will have a network of child-sites to service the fundraising/reporting needs of its various niche projects.

I expect that I will be able to manifest this structure using the Multidomain and Domain Mapping plugins, correct? I am on shared hosting with the nice folks at PSEK, but it looks like I would need to upgrade to a plan with a dedicated IP to do this, correct? I do currently have access via cPanel to the advanced DNS config tool and can edit CNAME entries (do I need the sys admins to do anything under the sheet with wildcard entries for

Ideally, new projects would be able to signup for a site using their own credit cards -which sounds like a job for the ProSites plugin. I guess that by using the ProSites plugin I would be able to setup membership subscriptions to child sites with free access to the the parent site, yes?

Using the example network structure, is it possible to quarantine the child sites? I don’t want their users leaking into and spreading their Vegan Triforce Defense League propaganda. I wouldn’t want the shopping cart to recommend delicious unicorn spam jelly to the Triforce Defenders. Happiness is a choice people, go thick. Is it possible to keep the shopping carts for the child sites isolated from each other? Is it possible to permit cart sharing amongst specific sites (psst, unicorn spam jelly frequent purchaser, have a special promotion on glitter etc)?

I’m going to stop the spiral for now.

Thank you for your direction.

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    Hey there @Salt Lick

    I hope you are having a great day! You just made mine with your fabulously convoluted spiral into multi-network nirvana. :slight_smile:

    Let's see if we can unwind stuff a bit and see what's what, shall we?

    First thing, if you want the structure that you have illustrated above (multiple networks under a parent site) then you may want to investigate some additional choices.

    The MultiDomain plugin cannot, I believe, help you create the setup you're after. It enables you offer multiple domains under which sites can be created in a single network, but it cannot create multiple levels like you have described.

    That type of setup, especially if you are to be using BuddyPress would likely benefit from BP-Multi-Networks

    However, with that system in place, the user-base would be shared across all networks. So another option could be to simply create sub-folders in your main domain ( and install separate instances of WordPress in each for the other domains, each tied to their own database.

    That, at least, would guarantee the segregation you want as seen on one of my test thingies here: is a single site install of WP is a multisite install in a separate folder is a sub-site in that separate network

    (example in screenshot).

    You could then enable multisite on each of those as needed, and install the plugin set you need on each. In this way, if MarketPress is installed & network-activated on several of them, there would be no way to add products from one network to the shopping cart of another. :slight_smile:

    As for the Pro Sites question, it does affect content access on the main site in any way. It's features & functionality are specific to each sub-site in a network, and only kick in on a sub-site once it has been created.

    Also, domain mapping would be that much easier

    If you need/want content access management for your main site, consider our Membership plugin:

    Did I miss anything for now?

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