Please consider

Please consider adding the tickets on Event+ to have QR or/and Bar Codes on them

Thank you

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi Gary Edwards,

    I hope you're doing fine today!

    While currently there's no qr/barcode support in Events+ plugin, that certainly sounds interesting to me. I'd like to get a bit more feedback on this from you, if you don't mind :slight_smile:

    Generating a QR code itself is not that difficult but what information should it carry? I mean: should that be displayed in a single event description and just carry a link to that event or should that point to some "action"? If you could explain a bit more what exactly should such code do, that'd be great!

    Looking forward to your reply,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi Gary Edwards

    Thanks for getting back to me and for the explanation.

    I've marked this thread as a "Feature Request" so if more Members of our Community will support the idea, our developers might consider implementing such QR codes or bar codes in future.

    As for now, I'm thinking of a workaround. This plugin can create a QR code for any post/page (including events) "on the fly":

    It's free and after installing it on site you can just add this shortcode to all the events (in descriptions) and it would cause a QR code on each even page to be shown:


    If you got a lot of events, that would take some time to add the shortcode everywhere so alternatively you could use a simple additional code snippet to "automate it" (note please: this code will only work with our Events+ plugin and you still need to get Dynamic QR Code plugin installed and active on site):

    add_filter( 'the_content', 'my_event_qr_code' );
    function my_event_qr_code( $content ) {
    	if ( ! in_array( get_post()->post_type, [ 'incsub_event' ] ) ) {
    		return $content;
    	else {
    		return $content . do_shortcode('[dqr_code]');

    To apply this code to the site:

    - create an empty file with a .php extension (e.g. "my-events-qr-code.php")
    - copy and paste that code into it, using some "clean text" editor (such as e.g. Notepadd++, Sublime etc)
    - upload the file to the "/wp-content/mu-plugins" folder on your server; if there is no "mu-plugins" folder inside "wp-content" folder, just create an empty one first.

    This way the shortcode for a QR code (generated by the plugin) will automatically be added to all events of Events+.

    Would that work for you?

    Best regards,

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