Please explain this about WPMU


New to WPMU. I understand that there is the facility to create sub-domains. I have two questions

1. Are these actually created on the Server or are they in fact ‘virtual’ ?

2. Is there a plug-in or method for a user registration system where they can choose the sub-domain ( and have an email address created using this ?

All help appreciated!



  • Tom Eagles
    • Syntax Hero

    Hi there it depends on what you are trying to achieve for example you could use prosites to handle this and allow customers to have their own blogs at theirsubdomainname, they are in fact virtual however their files can be found in the /wpcontent/blogs.dir/ directory.

    Prosites allows them to choose a subdomain name, you could combine this with domain mapping and allow them to map their own domain name to a a subdomain created under prosites.

    Hope this helps


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