Please fix insecure elements on Jobs & Experts when using https certified SSL.

I am embarking on fixing the insecure element warnings some people are getting when using Jobs and Experts on our encrypted SSL protected site. We have a fully commercially certified SSL we pay for on that site and when Jobs and Experts pages are used there are warnings that it is calling things unencrypted. Usually plugins will take the setting used by the site admin and encrypt things using the root specified, but this seems to be calling something unencrypted or connecting to a third party unencrypted. I see various questions and potential fixes on this but can you please give this as a feature request to fix the plugin, as it should not be doing this if the site is SSL.
I double checked with tester and the warning only pops up when she tests the Jobs & Experts page so far. If you think this may be something else with our site, and not the plugin, please let me know though.
Thank you!