Please help me get the Directory plugin to actually work

I've just downloaded the newest version 2.0.1 for the Directory plugin. I installed it on I read that it will work with any theme, so I activated one that was installed - and everything changed... I can't get the prior default Directory theme back through my dashboard. Ugh.

I can't even find anywhere in my theme, pages, menus where a new member would sign up.

I seem to be blocked from setting the permissions of the Users under Capabilities. Error tells me the security check failed.

I have to be honest. I'm really frustrated at this point. I have tried for months to get the Directory plug in to work for me and my projects - tonight I decided to pay for a membership again, to get the newest version because it SOUNDS like it should do exactly what I need it to do... only, it just doesn't. It's aggravating to sit in front of the computer for hours trying to make something work. There aren't instructions anywhere that make any sense, either.

What I REALLY want is to be able to use the Directory Plugin on this website: as the Heart Centered Services Provider Directory. I would rather NOT have a subdirectory and just have the directory included on that same domain, with the same cohesive theme. Is this even possible? If so, please guide me. I'm smart enough to follow directions, but I'm not experienced enough to understand too much technical jargon before I get frustrated. I'm paying for the services here because I expect that your plugins will be intuitive and easy for me to use... and if not, then someone can help answer my questions.

I want new members to pay for their listing in the Directory. I also want to have the ability to create a listing for someone if I determine they don't have to pay - for example, if a barter arrangement is worked out. I want the information to show up on the page when visitors click on my Directory tab...

Please. Please. Please.

And thank you. :slight_smile:


  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey Janet.

    Sorry to hear about the issues you are having here. How about we get in touch with each other and I give you some one on one help over Skype text chat or gtalk, how does that sound?

    If we discover any bugs then we can get one of our developers to fix it up.

    If you are happy with that then please use our contact forms, mark it to my attention and include a link to this thread. Please also include your Skype or gtalk details. :slight_smile:

    I'm on GMT, so its about 0530 here. I'm on for another hour or so however if you don't get back to me by then I will be back on later in the day and will response straight away.

    Is that ok with you?

    Let me know.

    Take care.

  • jloweezy
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi James & Timothy,

    Thank you for responding. I spent some time on the site last night and I deleted the newest version of Directory, and re-installed the old one, just so I could get something back. I thought I would explain that since it was a change from my previous message.

    Yes, Timothy, that sounds wonderful and I can do that. I will get in touch with you straight away.

    Thank you!


  • prestonkd
    • Flash Drive

    I've been having a rough time with this one too. I too have been trying to use this for quite some time now. I have spent hours and hours - only to have it "almost" work. I waited on the 2.0 version so that I could use my own theme. So far, I cannot make it work at all. I have installed CustomPress like I saw Andrey say in one of the threads on here. I can see all the pieces and how they are supposed to interwork and produce the directory but it just doesn't happen. It would be nice to hear what solutions y'all come up with or what problems you find so that others of us having problems could benefit too. Thanks.

    Update -

    Wow. I just saw the updated "instructions". I think they need some work. I have figured out a lot of this in the late night hours I have spent with it. I would not have understood ANY of it from reading those instructions. The main thing is that unless you use CustomPress and make the custom fields for things like name, address, phone number, the part of the instructions titled "Step 3 Manage Listings ... 2. For create your listing click ‘Add New’ and fill information about the listing and choose categories and tags for it." is useless because the only area you will have to "fill information" in is a big wide open content text box, no fields, nothing.

    Aside from the fact that it reads like it was translated from a foreign language by a computer program, it is just not helpful - at all - in setting up this plug-in. If I ever get this working right I am going to make a screen recording video to show how to do this. I don't really think it is going to be that complicated in the end. It is just a matter of knowing what to do.

    For instance, I spent several hours trying to get some custom fields when I just happened to come across some off hand mention in a forum thread by the developer that you should use CustomPress for this. This would not have been an obvious thing because the prior version had categories and taxonomies built into it. This was several days before the instructions were updated with the reference to CustomPress. I now have my custom fields and they show up fine in my new listing form. One problem is I still can't get rid of that content box as CustomPress apparently will not let me edit the directory_listing custom post type.

    If it were not for having looked at the previous version of the plug-in and knowing that it worked great I would be tempted to say this was a bad plug-in. As it is, I believe it is a plug-in that a lot of people were waiting for, that was released before the instructions for installation and use were properly updated, probably in an effort to quiet all the people screaming for it's release.

    I see that 2.0.3 has been released. I am going to delete everything and try it again. If I get it working before we get a decent set of instructions I'll make that video. Also, if I sound cranky or over critical, its because I've lost a lot of sleep trying to get this to work.

  • prestonkd
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks Andrey. I have it working where I can ADD custom fields now. Basically, I want ONLY my custom fields to show, meaning I do not want the Title or Content boxes. When I create a new custom post type in CustomPress I can choose whether these fields show. I do not see a way to edit the directory_listing post type to have these fields not show. Can I do this and do I do it in CustomPress or Directory? Thanks.

  • jloweezy
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I want to thank Timothy for helping me with some of the technical issues on the Directory Plugin. He provided fantastic technical support! Kudos from across the pond!

    p.s. I still don't quite follow all the instructions, but I'm going back through with the 2.0.3. release to see if I can absorb it this time.

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